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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Nihov mean?

Nihov is the plural of the Coptic word Hov meaning: Event, Happening, or Thing.

Why do I have login to register for an event?

This is so that, the system in place to handle payments, can match payments to registrations.

Why when paying for an event is there a Nihov registration fee?

This minimal registration fee is to help offset the costs associated with running this service.

How do I post an event on

If you would like to post an event on please email us via info[at]

How do I update my name, dob, gender?

If you made a mistake when registering on these fields, you have to email info[at]

Can I register another person for an event?

The system is designed so that each person has an account is responsible to register themselves.

Does my login info still work?

With the new upgrade to our system, all login information is the same as before on the old site.

Other Questions

If you have other questions please email info[at]

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